Monday, May 26, 2008

Where are those Art E-books?

There is no point crying over spilt milk right? Then what about crying over weeks and weeks of lost work???
Last week I had decided to finish off and launch a few projects I had spent quite some time on this year. One was an art e-book on Safety for artists, another art book on Artists Pitfalls and how to avoid them and also a whole lot of art teaching material complete with an art teaching web site ready to launch.
Unfortunately a few months back I had difficulty installing and updating my software and I had to save all my documents onto a borrowed external hard drive and reformat my PC. I did this and thought I had transferred everything back BUT not all of it did! Maybe I hit the ’17 hour day/2am and I am tired’ button. Thank goodness I back up my client’s graphics and web sites more than one way.
I am only now discovering what was lost and you guessed it…quite a bit! Oh the hours I spent on those art books! I have searched through all my backup discs and most of my hard copies. I found one other art e-book in hard copy I thought I had lost. At least I can re-type that book but as for the rest; I am still hoping my other art books and art teaching material will magically appear. I have been a brave girl and no tears shed, but as the character Homer Simpson says ‘DOH!”
So for all the people waiting for the first e-book I promised (Artist’s Pitfalls) I apologise.
And what now?
I do have other great material and I will get this moving as quickly as I can.
You can also look forward to an interesting newsletter this month (That is if you have signed up for it!)
I also have some great news to post later this week that will interest any artist wanting to promote their work to a wider audience and make extra income as well. I am very excited about it too as you will be once I tell you so don’t miss that post!
If you are like me and keeping track of things needs to be easy then sign up for my RSS feeds to be notified of my posts as they happen. You don’t want to miss out do you? :-)


Jean Levert Hood said...

no no no!! I'm so sorry, Kayleen!

Anonymous said...

ah bugger! I lost my whole mailing list not long ago.. it still hurts.

Catch up soon. *hugs*


Kayleen West. said...

Ah I am ok. There are worse things that happen in this crazy world. Lauren a mailing makes life a bit more difficult though.

I keep telling myself to slow down and BACK UP frequently

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