Thursday, May 29, 2008

Muliply Your Luck In This World

While it is easy to tell ourselves we cannot save the world maybe we should pause long enough to ask ourselves do we do enough to help others. I was reading a post on this morning in regard to United States of America’s Memorial Day which prompted me to respond. It goes like this:

Aaron’s post:
Today in the United States is Memorial Day–one day set aside each year to remember those who have given their lives to provide and preserve freedom for us.
Right now, as has happened periodically throughout our 232 year history, America has its share of critics, both domestic and foreign.
But we must never forget, no matter how frustrated we get with everything from our elected representatives to the price of milk, freedom matters.
Today hundreds of thousands of people are remembering a family member or friend who died to provide us with freedom. They died to provide us with opportunity. They died to provide us with hope. They died to provide us with prosperity beyond any that had been seen in the world.
Fortunately they succeeded. Because of their purchase the entire world has been transformed. Are there still tyrants? Of course, but in a world of instant world-wide information sharing it is becoming harder and harder for tyrants to impose their will. People, even under oppression, see there is a better way and no tyrant will be able to keep that populace under his fist forever.
The blood of these freedom saints has purchased the opportunity for us all to build and prosper, to make a better life for ourselves, our families and our community. We can help others partially because of the surplus freedom provides.
How much surplus we often take for granted. We have an infrastructure so vast we get easily frustrated when the interstate doesn’t quite go close enough to our destination or we can’t find a WiFi where we have our coffee. Education–even University study–is available to almost everyone who chooses to pursue it. Food is so plentiful we fill up enormous box stores with every imaginable delicacy.
And, despite what you may have heard, we take care of the poor. The poor in the U.S. are rich compared with much of the rest of the world. Do we still have poverty? Yes, unfortunately we do. We also have crime, drug addiction and abuse. One of the choices a family came make in a free society is to misuse even the best opportunities.
Freedom gives us the opportunity to fail, but it also gives us the opportunity for immeasurable success. Freedom coupled with perseverance can allow almost anyone to find a prosperous place in our society.
So today, while you enjoy a well deserved day off and a cookout, take a few moments to lift a beer to those who made your prosperity possible–and those who continue to do so.
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My Comment:
Last year I was having a conversation with a woman at As a sponsor I asked her how much it costs for a person to live in India. She told me they live off about $1AU per day! The cost of keeping a roof over their head for a family (A hut) was around $150.00 per annum.
Like in America, we in Australia are blessed beyond the wildest dreams of many. I posted a very touching video on my blog in April titled : How lucky are you? This video breaks down the world statistics and enlightens us to what a small percentage of “lucky souls” we are in comparison to the rest of the world population. It is a real eye opener.
My Comment to you:
So if it only costs one dollar a day to support a family who have nothing but food and shelter (if they are lucky) then why aren’t more people in better positions like myself helping out more. The main argument I have heard repeated goes like this: I don’t support aid organisations because I have heard only a percentage goes to the people. My answer to this is that there are some that all proceeds do get there and impact the lives of the poor dramatically. In addition if a percentage is used for administering the aid it is still a big difference in these people’s lives often meaning the difference between life and death!

Shopping last night I said yes to my daughter three times to the equivalent of about $12.00 of non staple diet (optional) food including Potato chips, spring rolls and Creamy Soda. This amount of money would feed someone in a third world country for nearly two weeks! How can I justify doing nothing when I can afford so much? This is why I contribute something on a regular basis.

Food for thought? OR Maybe thoughtful about food – How can you reach out and contribute something today!


sdzsmith said...

Thank you very much for sharing this!


Anonymous said...

wow. I had no idea that's how little they can live on. Crazy.

There are organisations out there who also raise their own money for administration costs so all money donated helps out. So really no excuses now.


Kayleen West. said...

You are most welcome. I think as bloggers it is good to post things like this now and then. Keeping our reflections to ourselves isn't all that productive when we could be motivating others to contribute a little more.

I know! we are sooooo lucky!

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