Saturday, April 19, 2008

Illustrator Flyer Design & Stock Illustration

Have I been idle? Noooooo way! -I have been very busy and productive lately.
Have I been painting? Well no…

However I have been doing a lot of freelancing on web sites and graphic design.
I was playing with my old friend “Illustrator” this week and boy did I have fun. It is hard not to get completely distracted with Adobe programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator. There is not a week that goes by I don’t check out something new or inventive in the programs I use. The possibilities with these programs are endless. In recent months I have been mainly working in Photoshop and Indesign and Illustrator hardly got a look in but it was great to get back to using Illustrator this week.

Twilight tour flyer design: Mountain District Christian School.
I have some freelance work for another Christian school; Mountain District Christian School, creating their annual flyers and doing some ad work. This past week I put together a few ideas and developed the most appropriate concept for the first flyer design into an almost finished flyer. The design concept was screaming for a touch of fun vector graphics, and so I starting playing with my old friend Illustrator. Once I started, all I want to do is keep exploring the possibilities but I stayed focussed temporarily. I guess it is not unlike the flow I get into when I start painting. I can totally loose myself in anything creative especially when the subject is a happy theme. I love conceptual work and instead of just adding information to a flyer, I like to send an immediate message in the design. The flyer was for an open day which they inventively called “twilight tours” as the tour was in later part of the day. I focused on the main graphic being appropriate to twilight tours.
I used Illustrator to create the graphics and introduced the school’s images and text into the design. I presented the design to the school and they loved it. I had so much fun creating it. Some days I just LOVE my job and this week had been great. I always love it when I have work that I can spend time on and explore the possibilities (creative licence).

Stock Illustration: Debutante / wedding vector graphic.
Hooked on playing with Illustrator, I got my teeth into this illustration for a stock image I plan to submit to I thought I would try stock illustration and see how it goes. My daughter was the model for this vector drawing which will be appropriate for a wedding stock image, debutante ball / presentation ball stock image, formal stock image, or anything girly.

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