Monday, February 25, 2008

Slap That Greedy Detail Monster!

When my son was little he struggled with his temper. A doctor sat him down one day and told him about the Anger Monster. He explained how his behaviour was like a little Anger Monster who got really big when he allowed it. He told him that when this happened the monster was stronger and became the boss of him. Like most small children, my son didn't like anyone being the boss except him. The doctor told my son to make a little model of the anger monster and every time he felt this monster getting angry and growing, he was to put him into a box until he behaved. This was a practical hands-on approach to identifying anger and separating the behaviour from my little boy. My son built the cutest little model out of cardboard and we built a box for him. The exercise didn’t last long but maybe the lesson did.
Today I confess I have my own little monster – The greedy Detail Monster!
I have set aside the Ayres Rock painting for over a week trying to work out what is wrong with it. There as something eluding me and it was what should have been obvious. The composition is wrong, wrong, wrong! I wanted it all. I wanted to paint the whole scene as I saw it; every little detail.
Now I know the rules and although sometimes they can be broken in this case I made an error of judgment. You will notice that this painting is almost divided in half. The sky on one half and the foreground on the other. It dawned on me this morning what was irritating me. The foreground area is too big. This painting was about the sky and the foreground is of no importance. I need to crop it dramatically.
The downside of this is that I had a frame ready that will no longer fit.
The upside is that it will be a better painting, I will finish it a lot sooner with less to paint and I do dislike painting foregrounds. I think you will agree that it makes a far better painting reducing the foreground. I will have to rework the lines of the landscape but at least I have pinned down what was irritating me so much.
‘You can’t change what you don’t acknowledge’ – Dr Phil
So now I know what is wrong it is time to change it hey? OK where are the scissors *gulp*


Jean Levert Hood said...

Perfect solution, Kayleen! It is just lovely! And I know it has so much meaning attached with your story behind it.

Cynthia said...

The cropped version is better - in fact you could crop it even more and have just a sliver of land.

The anger monster. As you were describing it, I could feel the sensation, or at least remember what it feels like.

Terry Burton said...

You are truly gifted. I've been to Adelaide but not here. Great painting. Time to go OUTBACK!
Love that Aussie food! :)

take care! Your Bro in Christ

Kayleen West. said...

Terry Ayres Rock is a must see if you can ever get across. I had no desire to go until I was talked into it but I am so glad I went.

Jean thanks for the comment. Yes there was a touching meaning and experience attached to it. Thanks for taking the time to read through.

Cynthia. I had put this painting on hold but I do think it is best to crop it and I will.

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