Thursday, February 14, 2008

Progress on Ayres Rock painting.

Stage Two – Ayres Rock Rainbow
760x1020mm (30x40 Inches)
There is something wonderful about the formation of clouds in the sky. I have worked up a few hours in oil on this painting. I began working the sky and really enjoyed painting the clouds. As a result I hope to do more skies in the near future. They are not finished but well under way.
I moved all over the top area and then moved onto Ayres Rock adding a little of the base colour just below. I will get the ground area up to the same stage next and then work the painting all over to a finish.
As an artist, web site designer, newsletter designer for a school, a print designer, illustrator, mother bla bla bla.........I find it hard to keep up and do it all but it is wonderful to break the painting drought with such an inspiring subject.


Jean Levert Hood said...

Kayleen, this is so gorgeous, I thought it was the finished product! Can't wait to see more.
It's stunning.

Kayleen West. said...

Hi Jean,
No it is far from finished and I am hoping to do more on it today and post soon!

Angela said...

Beautiful painting!


Kayleen West. said...

Thanks Angela and I see you keep yourself busy too. We also share a common interest on writing :-)

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