Sunday, January 27, 2008

Once in a life time moment

Wow, I have recently returned from a trip to Northern Territory I feel so inspired by the landscape and itching to paint. I was surprised I would enjoy this area so much.
I had the most incredible trip with my daughter and a close friend.
The highlight of the trip was a helicopter flight my friend had arranged at sunset over the Oglers and Ayres Rock. This is a must do if you ever visit Ayers Rock. I had no idea God had created something so awesome in the middle of nowhere. It is bigger and more majestic than the tourist photos reveal and from the ground it is very different to what you may imagine.
We left the airport in the helicopter in a storm and thankfully my faith in the God that keeps me safe ensured I enjoyed every second of the flight. As we where approaching Ayres Rock I was praising the Lord on His incredible creations, enjoying the fact we could see lightning in the distance, some rain and the rest clear sky. As I was praying to God commending him on his beautiful handiwork I looked over to the left to see faintest hint of a rainbow appearing to the far left of Ayres Rock. Eagerly clicking the shutter on my camera, the chopper pilot did his best to accommodate my capture frenzy. I was praying quietly to God saying how incredible it would be if the rainbow was near the rock instead of off to the left as it was something you would never see and would make the most glorious photo. To my delight, as we approached closer, the rainbow aligned directly centre-back to Ayres Rock. Knowing God answers my prayers; I prayed with expectation and asked the Lord to clear the sky so the rainbow would be more apparent. I was beside myself when within seconds of that prayer the sky lit up like a light from Heaven and the rainbow shot up from the rock and into the sky. What a photograph! What an experience. What a God!
I will never forget it. I felt like God’s special little girl. I overjoyed in how our Heavenly Father loves to delight us when we ask. The pilot had never seen this in the 18 months he had been flying. Perhaps my Lord Jesus knew no one would appreciate his hand on nature than I that day. How could I not be inspired?
A friend recently said “when you look over the incredible landscape God has created, look at it and remember that if He created all this then nothing is too small for Him: no problem is too great.”
The message is that God can take our troubles and help us. We may think the problem is too big and beyond us but NOTHING is beyond the power of God. I have experience this first hand many, many times but this is a great way to remember this truth. What we see as miracles is second nature to God. A Father who loves us dearly and wants only the best for us. Because of my friend’s wise words every time I wonder at God’s creation I remember this message. It reminds me to turn to Him when things get tough and yes God pulls me through every time. We may experience pain and challenges but we have a God who can move mountains and even rainbows!


Jean Levert Hood said...

Kayleen, your trip sounds so wonderful. That photo is just amazing. Yes, a blessing.

Old neighbour said...


yes, I agree your trip sounded wonderful, however what is more worthy is your awesome faith toward God. God is wonderful and deserves the praise.


Cynthia said...

Your trip sounds amazing and the photograph is truly remarkable!

Elena said...

Hi Kayleen :) Wow, You've had an amazing journey. God never disappoints us. A friend once said - if we remain faithful to the Lord, he will remain faithful to us.
God Bless,
Elena :)

Rachel said...

love this pic and post. your paintings look great! its awesome to see how you've transformed the mecs web page:) God Bless.

ex student of mecs

Kayleen West. said...

I am really glad I could share it you guys and a lovely surprize to hear from you (ex MECS girl):-) and glad you like what I have done with the MECS web site. I love makeovers I must admit.

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