Friday, December 28, 2007

Balancing 2008

One of my post starved readers prompted me today to add to my blog after a rather lengthy absence. So my subject today is balance.
I have already made my new years resolution and that is for more balance in my life. How is this active minded woman going to achieve that? I guess it boils down to prioritising goals and priorities only achieved by actively sitting down and planning. This is my challenge for 2008. With so many ideas to choose from, responsibilities and activities I will have to think hard what 2008 will consist of.
For my readers, I have posted an art related page from my scrapbooking which I haven’t touched in two years. I started scrapbooking in 2003 and have only got to January 2005. I have two years to catch up on. I was missing my painting and my scrapbooking and so the other night I sat down and completed four pages.
This one was of a painting holiday I took with some art friends to a very Aussie outback spot called Stock Yard Creek in highlands of Victoria. It is the area in which the movie The Man From Snowey River was filmed. While visiting I was fortunate to capture some cattleman on film. Painting trips are a great way to get some work done, enjoy fellowship with other artists and friends, get away from life’s demands and enjoy nature.


Lauren said...

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Kayleen West. said...

A you just like seeing me work Lauren :-)

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