Saturday, November 03, 2007

When nothing works there is always solutions

Stop... listen... what is that?
I can’t hear a thing you say.
It is quiet in here!
Where did she go?

My Sincerest apologies for neglecting my blog of late. So much has happened as my life propels into fast motion. Almost all is good but I have been extremely busy! It seems the Lord contuse to place me in situations or present me with opportunities where I am encouraged to use all my skills and persuaded to adopt a whole lot more. My days are far from dull. In fact my life is progressively more exciting.
I have been working on the digital side of creativity over the past few months and have been upgrading my software and computer over the past week or so. I have just installed CS3 and am very excited to have the latest version however it was a task to install.
I had originally installed over an older version and unfortunately this error cost me a week of work, time and frustration. CS3 is wonderful software however the installation certainly needs to be addressed. I did search the Internet for answers to the persistent error “Licensing for this product has stopped working” and although many people found solutions, unfortunately no information fixed my installation. After one week of Uninstalling, reinstalling, moving files, deleting leftover files, late nights and early mornings and help from a new tech savvy colleague, we had to completely reformat my computer and start from scratch. Only then did it finally accept an installation without any errors.
Today I am back to business and loving the new work space. I am looking forward to producing new vector artwork and illustration, getting more writing done and taking the opportunity to sort all my files logically as I reinstall them on my clean PC.

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