Monday, September 03, 2007

Rules For Quoting

Copyright is an issue on the Internet. I believe it is respectful to do the right thing by others I have posted the basics here in regard to quoting form primary source material. From my research the following is my understanding of the rules for quoting. I hope this is helpful to you.

More information can be located at:

When we want to quote from a book or an article.

Put the original content between the “” signs and at the end and provide the page number ensuring you copy the exact wording.

“quote goes here exactly”. (123)
This shows the quote from page 123. Then at the end of your post add:

  • Author(s). (placing authors surname first)
  • Book Title
  • Place of Publication: Publisher,
  • Year of Publication.

Remember that the purpose of quoting the source is to give credit to the author.

When Omitting part of the quote
There are restriction on how much content / words you can copy and quote.
Say you want to quote a long passage and eliminate the unnecessary parts this is what you can do.

* Indicate material omitted from the quotation by ellipsis ( . . . )--three spaced periods, with a space before the first.
* if the omitted passage comes after a complete sentence, use four spaced periods (the first is the sentence period).”

Information source:

Quoting messages outside a forum
The author of a message in a forum is the copyright owner of that message but by posting it in a publicly accessible forum has effectively placed it in the public domain. Our understanding is that anyone can subsequently quote from any message, but should state:

  • · who was the author
  • · the date
  • · where it was published
Quoting Poetry

Quoting From movies
From what information I have found we need to quote no more than 200 words in length, with quotation marks around it, and formally referenced at the end.

Quoting Lyrics.

This is a tricky one and often intellectual property costs are involved. I would stay away from this type of quotation. If anyone has any more information I am interested in hearing from you.


Cynthia said...

Great information, Kayleen. I occasionally reference other people's work and try to give proper credit.

Kayleen West. said...

Hi Cynthia. Yes sometimes we are ignorannt to the rules but once we know what is what we can do the right thing. Great post on your blog today!

Suzi said...

Appreciate the tips. I am never sure how much to quote before I am copying. Suzi

Fon said...

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