Saturday, August 25, 2007

The trouble with creative inspiration.

She was born to be creative.
The idea attracts here and her heartbeat quickens. Adrenalin building, building and then it erupts. With eyes lit with high-beam energy she captures the mental note of her brilliant proposal. For a few minutes her conviction concedes that she will commence as soon as time permits, the minute she can find the mental break to fashion her idea with finesse. She owned this masterwork and it deserved contemplation, it must exhibit excellence.

Busyness infiltrates her day and the work of genius is shelved. “Only for now” she considers with dedicated conviction. Another inspiration presents and she is captured yet again. This was a different direction but creative no less. The idea inspires and creative juices start flowing, flowing, then rushing. Her excitement yells “Halleluiah what a brilliant idea”. “I must remember it,” she reminds herself.
She is the creative moth flying to the light bumping into dazzling ideas again and again, stirring the artist within and confirming the authentic blueprint in which she was created. She collected masterpieces one by one in the storeroom of her mind.

She desires the return to her studio and as the weeks slip past anxiousness builds with her soul. A new day begins and today at long last she has some time. See looks inside searching for the storeroom of inspirational ideas stored only for her and discovers that procrastination has replaced the stimulation she so frequently felt. Where had the motivation gone? She could remember her ideas however it didn’t feel the same. Had time killed the enthusiasm and creative self that was longing? Her craft suddenly became urgent and a bombardment of questions fills her mind. Which idea is best? What should I do first? How do I find the time? The thoughts overwhelm her and she hears an irritating ringing. Picking up the telephone her child calls “muuuuuuum” An hour passes and the postie stops out front. She checks the mail and tends to a few things and life’s intermission devoured the day, another day, and another day, indefinitely. She thinks to herself “Never mind I will get to it but perhaps another day would be better after all she was born to be creative.

By Kayleen West

I wrote this today after spending some time lately pulled in many directions creatively. I love to paint, write and digital design and illustration. There is not enough time for all of the above and writing has captured my attention of late.

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