Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Learn Or Teach Art With A Wiki

Wikis’ can be fun. Not always accurate but worth a look. One of the most well known being the Wikipedia.
I came across a How To Wiki today and found some art related articles.You may like to take a look.

  • How To Appreciate Michelangelo Buonarroti's Paintings
  • How To Appreciate Modern American Architecture
  • How To Appreciate Vincent Van Gogh Art Work
  • How To Be Invited to Art Gallery/Exhibit Openings in NYC
  • How To Buy an Art Gallery
  • How To Determine if a Painting Is an Original or Reproduction
  • How To Find Museums That Will Buy Your Art
  • How To Make a Life Cast Sculpture
  • How To Organize an Art Show
  • How To Sell Original Artwork for Profit
  • How To Sell Paintings
  • How To Title Your Work of Art
  • How To View an Art Exhibit
  • How To Visit an Art Gallery
You may like to contribute also?

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