Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The amazing visual world of the blind

Coincidently on the radio (Light FM) today they were interviewing an industrial design graduate Vanessa Murby who is blind. I was intrigued how blind people can be so much a part of the visual world. They can not only be part of it but also be proficient. She uses power tolls and computers. Technology has advanced to such a degree that blind people can participate with the visual world so much more these day.

Only yesterday I was at my monthly Valley 10 meeting with other close artist friends and we where talking about artist who paint for the blind. Artists who create textural paintings to share with the visually impaired.
One of the ladies was talking about Andy Lakey, an artist who made it a goal to paint two thousands angles in a twelve year period and exhibit these in 2000 for the visually impaired to enjoy. He accomplished his goal. What a lovely way to share your creative passion. I Googled this today and found that this man story is a bit bigger than this. He talks about dying from an overdose in 1986 and experienced the presence of angles.

A good example of how we can take a bad situation and turn it into more good than we could ever imagine.

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