Saturday, July 28, 2007

Amazing Story of Achievement

It was a privilege watching the new movie Amazing Grace. I say privilege because the movie was a touching insight to the terrible trials of the slaves trade and the incredible achievement of one man and his supporters. The story about William Wilberforce and his determination to stamp out the inhumane cruelty of the 17th century slave trade was more than inspiring.

The slaves where shipped across the sea heavily chained and contained in wooden areas not much bigger than a coffin. Slaves stacked one on top of another. They lay in their human waist. The women where raped and men, women and children where thrown overboard if they got sick or the ship needed to lift its load. The chains often injured the slaves and they received no medical treatment. They had to lay there injured for unto three weeks.
William Wilberforce changed the course of history fighting for years against the politics and the people. Wilberforce attributes his drive to his experience with God. It always amazes me how a new Christian can be so empowered and moved to do great things. The movie is a must for non-Christians and a real eye opener but for softies like me I would suggest you take a few tissues.
I recently subscribed to purchase the Touched by an angle series on DVD and the repeated message in these touching stories is that God loves you and He has a purpose for all of our lives. We can go around consumed by the world blinded to our real purpose and miss our calling completely. One human being can make big differences in their life and leave this earth better for their presence.
I thought about what I have achieved so far and what I could achieve if I just let God dictate what I do every minute of the day. I do hand over many days to God and coincidently this always leads to a more valuable and productive outcome. I have found I learn more, I am more a peace and challenges seem to pan out quite well. Observing this I do tend to relax and trust my amazing God to take care of what is beyond me.
I always feel blessed to be witness a story of challenge or hardship and the message of a bigger purpose as it helps with my own character. It evokes appreciation for all the blessings in my life.
So what is your purpose?

Have you even thought about what you may be capable of?

What is within you to make a difference to others in this lifetime?

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