Friday, May 25, 2007

When you think you are doing it tough

Wow I am making up for not posting for a couple of week. Three posts in one day. I haven’t contributed to Illustration Friday for some time now. I had a peak at the subject today and as it was ‘signs’ I decided to post one of the Christian designs I have created recently.

Jesus death was predicted and He knew what He was born for. I thought to myself how horrible it would be to know that you where going to die in such a horrific way. Yes it was for a reason, but boy what a sacrifice.
It is a good reminder when we think we are doing it tough.


md said...

i like this and u put it quite simple not offensive and not stuff down ur throat as some do. great message for all especially for those of us who are christians to remember

Kathleen Rietz said...

This is GREAT Kayleen. I often think about what this must have been like for Christ to know He would die in such a brutal way. And even as he was beaten and spit at, He still chose to die even for the people who were crucifying Him and throwing insults at Him. And...He was God.

One of my favorite parts of the Gospel is after the crucifixion, when Joseph of Arimathea asks for Jesus' body, wraps Him in linen and prepares Him for burial. I wonder what that must have been like to be alone with His body at that time, seeing Him dead and what had been done to Him. Joseph was taking a risk even asking for His body. Everyone else had fled. I just think it was such a loving act.

Thanks for taking a risk to show something important on IF. Good sign.

Kayleen West. said...

Thanks for your comments Michael and Kathleen.
It is hard not to share God with others as it has impacted my world so dramaticly for the better, how could i not want it for others. I hope all who are curious check out what Jesus was all about and watch him rock their world like nothing they have experienced - yes seriously

Lauren said...

Come on Kayleen... time for a new post I think! Been hanging around for some new posts from you ;-)

And yes, thank you to Kayleen I also got to find my Jesus. Please look him up!

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