Monday, May 07, 2007

Silent Art Auction for Charity

58x74 cm Framed oil painting - Valued at $1700
"Cottage Collection"

58x74 cm Framed oil painting (copy off old print)
Valued at $950
Note: I would like to find out who the artist is so as to give signed notation.

I have just donated 10 paintings to the Yarra Road primary School to help with their fundraiser for play equipment. I don’t have children at this school however coincidently I noticed today that the principal is the same man who taught my son. Bruce was a very patient and understanding man who helped at a very challenging time for my child, my late husband and myself.

As artist we get requests all the time for donation and it is hard to keep giving when in reality we need support ourselves. I try to donate what I can when I can. I do give with a happy heart; however in this instance it appears that I may be repaid with some support myself. The lady who contacted me has enquired about portrait commissions. Some would call this karma; I call it blessings from God. We reap what we sew. I believe the more we share, the more God blesses our lives. We are meant to share and help one another. The most important commandment told us to love God and love our neighbour as ourselves. It feels nice to help others and that feeling is a blessing in itself.

The school is having a silent auction. This type of event I am usually hesitant to donation to as they rarely receive a fair amount for the goods.

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Dave said...

I hope it all goes well, good luck.
Yes, being asked to donate all the time and not really getting much back but a lot of platitudes and the occassional nice letter hardly seems like much of a reward. But as long as the charities make good use of the money they make, i guess it keeps the good work being done. Hopefully what goes around.....
cheers, dave

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