Friday, May 25, 2007

Free web sites for artists and other projects

No I haven’t disappeared off the ends of the earth, I have been busy with web work. I finished setting up Imagine free web sites which is a web site that offers free web sites for artists:

I am working on two other client’s web sites (florist and tour company) and yesterday a new client who makes recreational toys for zoo animals has employed me to take care of their web sites and blog set up. This is going to be a really fun commission as what this wonderful man does is so interesting. I will post more on it later.

This morning I finished off a logo for a women’s group I am involved in (love job for the Lord). I thought I would post it to show you know I haven’t been sitting on my hands. Oh and there is that business card for a local fruit shop to finish so I better go…..

Oooh ooooh and I purchased a new toy – a good digital vidio camera for making instructional art videos. Now I have access to enough cameras to do the job well. No I don’t sit still hahaha

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