Monday, April 09, 2007

Wild at heart - the inner man

A student on the forum was searching for ideas for a surrealist painting including the following elements an object, animal, person/portrait in an unusual setting. A book I am reading called “Wild at heart” by John Elderedge prompted my suggestion. This book talks about why “boys need to be boys”. It insists that men need a level of wild excitement in their life, as it is natural to them. In the Bible men where created from the dust of the earth outside of Eden in the wilderness. Women were created from man. It is no wonder the guys like to roam and explore the earth while women want to be close to their men and are prompted to domesticate them to keep them near.

Wild at heart is a book that gives men permission to be men and find a healthy balance, and women insight into the freedom they need to express themselves in a way that is natural to them. I suggested to Natalie that she could paint the inner-man in men. The wild animal/hunter/warrior/hero they need to be to feel whole. Men are made from and attracted to the wild. Drawn to what is risky and exciting. However women although attracted to the wild and excitement in men they themselves are generally the nurturing and more domesticated beings. I thought this could be a great theme to explore myself. Although I am of the Eve species I have learned so much recently about the wonderful differences of men and women that make us so wonderfully unique and special and I think this would be exciting to explore.


The Epiphany Artist said...

haha!!!yes just watch a Male Lion in the wild.

dave said...

Sorry Kayleen, can't agree with the author. Yes, boys need to be boys as part of their personal growth process.
But as an adult male I have no asprations to be the "wild animal/hunter/warrior/hero".
I think men cover as broad a spectrum in personality types as women.

Kayleen West. said...

Ah David
Isn't this the same David I know loves the sea side experience and travel (-:
Would you not want to feel like a strength, a hero to your woman?
Do you leave things to chance or do you like to make things happen (hunt)?

Dave said...

Hi Kayleen, point taken :-)
But I don't really believe in stereotypes.
Although , you do make the whole bucolic bliss sound wonderful :-)

Kayleen West. said...

Hi Dave
I don't believe in stereotypes either. In fact I am quite apposed to stereotyping anyone. I guess my short post on a whole book was a bit narrowed and perhaps I didn't describe the book well enough. I tried to round it up in a nutshell.
The book simply points out that men and women have core needs that need to be understood and appreciated if that man or women is trying to satisfy that need.
The book helps the opposite sex identify those things as valuable needs not childish whims. It also gives the man permission to accept that it is "manly" and normal to have certain needs.

Kathleen Rietz said...

Hi Kayleen,

A friend once suggested this book shortly after my boyfriend went off to war. i never finished reading it because I was reading another book at the time. This makes me curious to go take another look. Thanks. - kate : )

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