Monday, April 23, 2007

Pandora's Box and my art books

My Goodness.Have you ever noticed that one idea or one piece of meaningful valuable information can open a modern day Pandora’s box?[1]
I began an artist’s business coarse a couple months back and the offshoot information has been exhilaration but also overwhelming.
While it is great to be enlightened with valuable information and opportune with prospects and opportunities, one can’t help wonder what to do first. Additional to the business course, I have been attending web seminars and researching further the prospects of Internet marketing and e-commerce. This has opened up a bigger world than I first thought.
My dilemma is primarily “patience” of which I have little when it comes down to moving on with a positive opportunity especially when I am sooooo excited and my time is limited. The trouble is that worthy projects are also worthy of good preparation. I have to re-focus and prioritise my steps right now. Obviously you need to have or finish a product before you promote it.
For some time I have been working on art instructional books. Last week I set out to organise the material for my e-books as my files where scattered all over the place in an obvious frenzy of enthusiasm. Book creation is no easy task but quite exciting. When I write I need the kind of mind space I am accustomed to when painting a series. The long uninterrupted stints of solitude are necessary to produce any worthy result. I can paint in company and in front of an audience as in a demonstration, while chatting away, but not if I am developing a series consecutively. This needs uninterrupted solitude.
So this little muse need be enough for today as I have books to work on don’t I? In modern times, Pandora's Box has become a metaphor for the unanticipated consequences of technical and scientific development
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