Friday, March 23, 2007

Success in the midst of chaos

No one would believe how insane my past couple of weeks have been for me here. Enormously overcommitting myself has taught me one big lesson. If it is way too much then many mistakes will follow.Not being able to meet deadlines with enough time to do things with adequate sleep, food and time to check work has been a nightmare.

In saying that I am happy to report that last night I completed one kick-butt painting, which has really put me on a high. A real break through with my work and I am buzzing. It felt so good to get more painting done too as I was having major withdrawal. I don’t know about you all but I have to either paint or do this side of things. I find it hard to swap back and forth and cram it in.

A few months ago I had created a lovely small mixed media painting of a seahorse. It was gorgeous. I was so excited when I finished and wondered if I should produce limited edition prints from it or create a larger scale version in oil. Well last night I finished a one metre square version and I love it. I think limited edition giclée prints of this are on the cards. This would be the first edition I have ventured into.


Anonymous said...

Kayleen, I relate completely, you need to be really selfish, but it's sooo hard sometimes.
With the large portrait you are working on is it your intention to leave the bottom half of the canvas really loose, like it is? I really like that look (-: dave

Kayleen West. said...

Yes Dave (-:
It is my intenion to leave it loose and my painting from last night is very loose. I love it.

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