Monday, March 26, 2007

Re-reading the Success Principals

The name Jack Canfield popped up in class and I immediately recognised it. I bough his book “The Success Principals” ages ago. Part way into it I was so impressed by his writing, I bought a copy for my closest friend and my son. Life gets distracting and I forgot about this book.
Today I realized I haven’t finished it. I checked my bookshelf to discover I am only half way through.
I do have a stack of reading to do already, however I have placed this book on the big pile beside my bed to remind me to re-read or finish it. I would HIGHLY (yes I am shouting) recommend "The Sucess principals" by Jack Canfield to everyone. (No I get no endorsments for this) It is very motivational, practical and thought provoking.


The Epiphany Artist said...

Its on my list to re-read again too:)

Kayleen West. said...

Yes there is some great material out there isn't there. Really there is no excuse except for time (-:

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