Wednesday, March 21, 2007

More time please please please

Gee another hectic day and no painting done. I don’t know what is wrong with me at the moment – so restless – well ok I do but that’s life.
I began the day meeting with some passionate Christian women I have become good friends with. We are organising women’s group for women who feel a bit isolated socially and seek fellowship. We are really excited about it as it focuses on sisterhood, close friendships between women, support and girlie activities.
I returned back to the office and got loads done on the PC. I had to respond to a US student that is researching vocational artists so I started on that deciding to post this information on my blog later this week, as it is quite appropriate and useful.
I had to work on some press releases this week and I sent them all off today. Earlier this week I had added a media kit to my website for journalist to access so I fine-tuned my artist profile and currant artist statement with the help of a few new internet artist friends including US promotion manager who kindly helped me edit. I also had tons of emails to sift through and load of information to sift through. Business calls and writing an article as it came to mind. I guess I have been all over the place today. Everywhere other than the easel. There is so much to the business of an artist but this one wants to do it all at once.
Work is backing up and I REALLY need a holiday.

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