Saturday, February 10, 2007

Six weird things about me

Thanks to for tagging me. Larry Lee and Connie

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Thinking of six unusual things about me was pretty hard.
We now we all think we are pretty normal – NOT

  • As a kid we always had sugar on our lettuce – I hated lettuce on it’s own.

  • Now as a adult I like avocado and vegemite on toast – don’t knock it until you have tried it

  • I am self-motivated and that can be unusual for many people.

  • Whenever I have been in a relationship I have actually been very fond of my potential in-laws.

  • I am notorious for only drinking half a cup of coffee.

  • I call this fortunate rather than strange but when it happened I thought it was incredibly strange. I had a very powerful spiritual experience when I first became a Christian and didn’t realize how real the “power of God” was here and now. I actually expect anything now as I have come to experience more and more. Strange or weird for anyone who hasn’t experienced the reality of Jesus. Strange but wonderful

  • I guess I am pretty strange after all. Thanks guys for making me realise it.
    I have tagged Lauren Perkins. Michelle Giacobello, Daniel Sanger, Ep treasures, Belinda Lindhardt and Bob Abraham

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