Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Self portrait Wednesday - The ultimate Valentine

I have been asked to participate in Self Portrait Wednesday.
This is where we post a photo of you or part of you with a blog post relating to the photo
each Wednesday.
As it is Valentines Day today I have posted the following:

The self –sufficient Valentine picked herself her own roses this Valentines Day.
My highly aromatic apricot Just Joey roses are not the gift from a romantic partner but from that who loves me the most. This person grew them with all his love so that I may enjoy their beauty and perfume and remind me of the amazing love his has for no only me but all who seek him.
Yes of course the gift is from God and with this gift I can know that with or without a “Valentine” I am always loved no matter what. That is His specialty. He is the ultimate Valentine!
To all the Valentines out their - Have a lovely Day and treat your Valentine with all the love they deserve!

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michelle giacobello said...

Nicely done Kayleen!

Happy Valentines Day :)

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