Sunday, February 11, 2007

Plein Air Painting the Australian landscape

Oil Painting
"By the creek"

Having a slight case of cabin fever and really missing plein air painting I took myself out this afternoon to a quiet spot in Worri Yallock.
Gee I have missed doing this - there is something really special about painting on location.
It is very rewarding returning home with a finished painting.
When I arrived at my location there was three men and a child and as the spot was a little remote I decided to paint in the car.
I do this often when I am on my own as I can lock myself in and feel more secure on my own.
This is the only draw back painting out especially as a woman painting on her own.
I discovered this quite a few years ago when I ventured out and the weather was temperamental. I sat in the car and used the wipers now and then as I was determined to get a painting in that morning. This painting turned out to be one of my favourites.
I used a very limited pallet for this painting. Three colours plus black and white.
Oh and I got oil paint over the car seat cover – now that was a first.


michelle giacobello said...

well worth the effort!

How funny though - to get 'cabin fever' in the house, and go outdoors, only to have to spend the afternoon in the car......

Arn't you lucky that you did. It's beautiful.

Elena said...

Lovely work Kayleen :)

myslewis said...

wow - very nice - I am not normally drawn to landscape but this is wonderful!

Kayleen West. said...

Well that is a super compliment mylewwis
Thank you

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