Saturday, February 10, 2007

Painting is a mystery

Please click on image for better viewing.
Oil painting: 120 x50 cm
"The reader"

This week's Illustration Friday's theme is "crash" so I decided to use this painting as the little boy has crashed on the couch while his brother is reading his reader.

I started out with something completely different in mind for this painting and got carried away with it. I really wanted it to be less traditional but there you go.
I did manage to preserve the background pretty much but the figures are painted with more detail than I intended.

Yesterday's attempt had the figures even more detailed and so I repainted them completely today but made some areas more defined to explain different obscured parts.

This painting was difficult to photograph and is less yellow than it looks here.
The photo is rather disappointing.


Dora said...

fantastic work!!! i love the colors and the sleeping boy! nice!

Sherry Rogers said...

This is extrodinary! It is truly wonderful. I love the colors, texture and the mood of the piece. Great execuion!

Michelle Lana said...

beautiful work.

jonisart said...

This painting is really beautiful. The colors and lighting are so nice.

the enigma said...

that's a beautiful, realistic painting..!

md said...

u've captured a speical time and mood here great work

Debbie Egizio said...


ValGalArt said...

Amazing! you are like the modern-day female Maxfield Parrish! Outstanding!!!

scribblesk said...

Lovely painting!

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