Saturday, February 03, 2007

Love Generation Exhibition

I had a lovely day today. I took a drive over to Frankston to an exhibition opening by two members I am acquainted with via the Australian Art Forum.
Michelle Giacobello and Melinda Ransom had an exhibition in the Atrium at the Frankston Arts Centre.
Both these lovely modest artists produced a pleasurable and sensitive visual experience.
Michelle and Melinda complimented each other’s work even though they where completely different in approach.
Eight forum members were present and most where able to meet up later to enjoy a coffee and chat in a local café afterward.

Melinda and Michelle (Emkay) in front of Melinda's paintings.

That is me up the back in all in black

Melinda and Michelle in front of Michelle's paintings.

Alley (Golly Gosh) and Ellena (ep_treasures)

Daniel Sanger(after dark)

Daniel and his lovely wife Jemma (who we will be recruting in the near future no doubt!)
Lauren Perkins (Artist & Forum Owner)

It was wonderful to meet the people you socialize via the Internet in person. They where all lovely personalities and I am sure we will meet up again in the near future.

The exhibition is on until the 31st March 2007

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