Sunday, February 04, 2007

Happy in Nature

Mixed Media
Watercolour,Acrylic and Pastel
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This week’s Illustration Friday’s theme was Sprout.
I had sketched up quite a complex painting concept demonstrating spiritual growth; a new being sprouting from the Spirit, however there is no way I would get it finished in time so I put that on the back burner and decided to have a bit of fun with this. Inspired by the delightful images at yesterday’s exhibition I came up with this.

I wanted to do something positive so I did a fun illustration that reflects happiness.
My idea was to express happiness sprouting from our experiences with God’s creative beauty – the great outdoors. Kind of how you feel when you take the time to go for a walk on a lovely day or in the evening. There is something special about being under the sky and amongst the trees and flowers


Ian Sands said...

Do you like Odilon Redon? He is one of my favorite artists and this piece reflects his work. I like how the composition leads your eyes in a circle around the painting.

Kathleen Rietz said...

Hey Kayleen! This painting is the colors and the feelings of happiness it evokes. This IS how it feels when you are growing Spiritually....light and free.


Kayleen West.- Stewart said...

Hi Ian
I looked up Odilon Redan as i was not familiar with his work. I can see a similarity in one of the pics i saw.
Thank you for your comment. I was trying to great movement in this peace. I looked at it this morning and it reminded me of the repeditive dreams i have had growing up of trying to fly.

Thanks Kathleen
Yes it is hard to express visually but I am certainly going to try.

timafli said...

I like Sprout because it is a happy painting and very warm. It also makes me remember my first time to go picnic, close to nature. I also like the composition which is very interesting.


Larry Lee said...

Very nice. I like the colors.

P.S. - You have been tagged! See my blog to see how you were picked....

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