Thursday, February 01, 2007

The flip side of painful experiences

I seem to be living in a twighlight zone right now. I can’t believe the sequents of events over the past week or two but something I am sure of is that the Almighty is watching me very closely.
We think we don’t hear Him very well but God is very resourceful with his messenger service.
My inbox has literally been flooded over this week with repeated messages from friends and complete strangers and even advertisements all pointing to the same message
“ Lean on me and trust in me and all will be good and purposeful” “I am right here with you!”

With out going into detail will tell you this. I have experienced much pain and emotional challenges of late. This happened right at a time when I thought all was wonderful and had made decisions to commit to a certain future.
When my hope and dreams fell apart I literally threw myself at God’s feet asking why? Every day after I asked what I should do, asking Him to reveal truth, how should I pray, what should I say when I pray for the people who have hurt me, help me to behave appropriately and to be gracious and righteous. Send me the right people to help me, block the people that will mislead me, empty me of earthly feelings and reactions and fill me with his Holy Spirit and please show me what is going to happen to me now that I felt broken and defeated.

I have to say the outcome of these events would have been terrible had I had not found Jesus and been able to tap into God with all His loving grace.

Through this grace I was heard loud and clearly. Through his love for me I was also answered in more ways than one. Enough was revealed to me to understand what to do and messages of hope flooded in. I reacted very differently to what I would have expected. At times when I thought I would spin out into despair I felt opposite emotion. I felt safe, protected and very grateful for my Big daddy in heaven! i have had moments of despair and terrible pain however I leaned into my faith and so reacted much better than I would have had I not known God was my resource. I didn’t act better because I should. I was lead. (well actually that is not entirely true as at times i had to just do what I thought was right when I was filled with resentment. At times I was completely removed from my pain and found myself thinking of only of the people who hurt me and wanting to help them.

I am very surprised in how selfless one can be through the heart and spirit of Jesus. He has taken much of my load and turned it into good simply because i asked and believed He would help. I am relieved His spirit is working within me.
My pain is lessened; thoughts clearer and I feel quite secure. This is not the raving of a religious nut that has a vivid imagination. I know that certain occurrences and prompting was of God and far too well timed, purposefully good and coincidental to be anything else.

I guess I write this in the Hope that these words will encourage someone who needs to hear it. Maybe a confirmation of what you already know or sense. People I have never met have been prompted to tell me things out of the blue, not knowing anything about my situation but so appropriate to the moment and repeditive. God uses people to communicate to others His intentions and I have found he understands my ignorance and so is quite repeditive. I believe He wanted me to write this too. Why else would I be using up so much of my time that was supposed to allocate to other commitments.I hope it helps someone.

I am learning to know my God much rapidly only because I have earnestly sought it from the highest, wisest authority (God Himself)and through His word; the Bible. If you want answers or need direction you have to go straight to the top where the answers will be honest and of value.

Luke 11:9
And I say unto you, Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.

How true is that – Golly those words are revolutionary to anyone who finally realises them.
I have had proof of them and it is very reassuring that we all have that love and help waiting for us.

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Marit Cooper said...

I am happy for you, I have been in a similar place several times, and it is beautiful when we finally surrender and listen... that is when we realise that you cannot hear the voice of comfort or feel the prompting of divine guidance when you are distraught and wailing at the top of your lungs :-) I hope you stay as pure in faith as you are now. There are reasons why I cannot be a "confessing Christian" - and I'm sad to say that those are only due to the behavior and mindset of most of the Christians I have met. I don't believe that there is only one way or only one church - there is much evil in the world and the part of it that hurts me most is in the hearts of men and women who think they are the chosen ones, those who create God in their own image and condemn everyone else, you find these people in every organised religion. To me the Bible is an instrument of political power and oppression as much as a holy scripture. A friend of mine by the name of Mark Golding has written a book called "The Bible that dethrones Christ, and the Bible that doesn't" - his point is that if you are to call your self a true Christian you should go by the words of Jesus and nothing and no one else - sentiments that I share. His words were clear - harm no one, do not judge, be merciful, love your enemies, turn the other cheek and trust in your heavenly father. So simple, but very, very difficult... :-) God Bless x

Kayleen West.- Stewart said...

Thank you for that comment Marit.
Something else I have just become aware of is that some "Bibles" have been quite tampered with and so when people come knocking on your door they don't always bear gifts of truth as their "versions" of the Bible have been altered. No wonder people become disillusioned by religion.

It would be a shame if people are put off by negative experiences via people trying to do well but are misinformed. I have seen people who call themselves Christians do horrible immoral and cruel things but they have adopted a label undeserved.

A “Christian” is not only someone who believes in Christ but also one who tries to be more Godly. A true Christian tries to be more like Jesus. This includes values glorify God instead of distressing Him. This chosen behaviour can be absent from some who routinely attend church but fail to understand their true path or let the Holy Spirit work within them.
I personally keep asking God to empty my “self” and fill me with the Holy Spirit so I can be more like Jesus. Who wouldn’t want to be like him?

It is sad that display of unkind or strict doctorial behaviour by some Christians creates a wider gap between the people who do not know the gift offered to them and the chance to lead a much more fulfilling and less painful life. This is what is saddest about “religion”.

I think it was Mahatma Gandhi that said:
“I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”
As a Christian we have an obligation to honour God instead of dishonouring him.

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