Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Descending before flight - Painted on the telephone

Stage One

A small painting started in watercolour with some acrylic (gold paint). Just letting the work dictate the subject. I tried for a butterfly but the painting refused the request. I wasn’t happy with the composition so I turned it upside down and then I saw the potential. I looked at it and thought how the lines sugested an incline so I decided to illustrate flight after an incline.
A possitive message about lifting the spirits after a low. How sometimes we have to experience sadness before we can experience greater things.

Stage Two
24 x30 cm
Title: Descending before flight

As a continuation from my work the other day (sprout) I completed this mixed media painting today while chatting on the phone. This is the second time I have done this and strangely enough the work turned out better than if I had had to think too hard. I guess it is more relaxed and expressive being distracted from the “seriousness” of art.

I looked at these two pieces and decided that to paint them larger in oils would be a great idea. They really lend themselves to a large canvas where I can be even more expressive and free with my application and have fun with it.

It really was pleasurable doing such wonderfully colourful and dream-like works. I would like to extend this theme with its movement and playfulness into a series of works in the near future.

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