Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Blogging for a reason

Why I blog

I have come to love blogging, as through this media I have been able to touch people’s lives for the better.I began a blog initially to share my art almost 12 months ago. Unintentionally my core being crept in – my spirituality. I wanted to share the astounding experience in my life that had provided restoration from past pain. I began painting more spiritually and so written descriptions followed.
I have also used my blog to help others in different ways by sharing information from skills I have gained as I have seen the need arise.
I am very in touch with pain in life and people’s struggles with oppression and self-defeating thoughts. I began including healthy thought provoking written reflections in addition to messages in my art to contribute to more e-hope.
My blog has grown naturally and the feedback has convinced me that the small contributions I make create a big impact in stranger’s lives. I can reach people across the world.
Blogging is so rewarding and a very different entity than a web site.
Other benefits.
Besides the satisfaction I get from helping others it has lead many people to my main site and although no great influx of sales have been yet realised, it has given me much experience in connecting with an Internet audience, which can only be good for an artist.

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