Monday, February 12, 2007

A bigger painting a day.

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Oil Painting on Canvas
"Twisted Vine Gum Tree "

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"Silvan Vista"
Oil on canvas

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"By the River"
Oil on Canvas

Yes I know there are dozens of artists and hobby painters painting “A painting a day” if only for a while. There are few (in my opinion) that paint well and many mimics Duane’s subject so closely that it is hardly original. There is nothing wrong with being inspired by this man’s chose of subject and the micro almost abstract viewers composition he uses (also done before by other artist) however I would love to see what else the more competent artists can do.

Duane Keiser began painting and selling his little post card studies on Ebay in 2004 and his not so common idea of painting daily has earned him notoriety as an artist as he was innovative enough to use the Internet and Ebay to draw an audience. Keiser has slowed down the numbers now but paints consistently providing the apparent growing demand for his larger works. You can only admire any artists that are dedicated and true to themselves. Keiser’s paintings where never tired and consistent in quality. In my opinion this competent artist well deserves the prices his painting attract.

As for me, people ask me why I am not getting my work out there more. I do post it up to interact with an audience however I have done little to get my work into the consumer market. I guess I just love to paint and I have recently just wanted to get a large group of substantial paintings together to do the big WOW she is back thing.

Dropping out of the art scene at a point of my career where my name had started to gain momentum was damaging but unfortunately unavoidable. As I begin to re-enter my name has changed and my work has evolved. I have gained more skill in watercolours, mixed media, multimedia, illustration and modern application. Therefore, I am playing with a whole different set of rules.

I have missed the daily painting I used to do, working full time as an artist and teacher just before my life became incredibly challenged. It took the time I needed and then began painting and exhibiting recently once again. I now have that incredible thirst for my regular creative expression and especially to paint plein air, as the weather is so beautiful now.
Of course I could always do with more sales however the consistency of painting regularly has it’s own reward. Not only do you gain strength in your work but you also collect a more consistent series of paintings. This is difficult for me when I don’t paint daily as I am an experimenter and I fluctuate greatly in my approach at times leaving my portfolio varied. You wouldn’t know it all belonged to the same artist. This is not a bad thing as I develop fast being like this however it is always good to have a consistent portfolio for galleries and this is why I have hesitated to present my work in full gusto as yet.
It is one thing to paint and blog about it and start to show a few and another to pursue the career of an exhibiting artist.

So where am I going with all this?
I going to attempt to paint at least one painting a day but also to paint either a theme for the week or experiment in a chosen approach. I would hope this would be a more interesting journey to watch than some other “A painting a day” participants. I also hope it encourages others to be more individual in their painting and development after all I think we all started to paint because it was fun. It is always a shame when potential sales stifle creative aptitude.

I will be painting different sizes:
I prefer a larger canvas however all of these paintings will be of great value as my primary motivation is to just get painting more regularly for now.

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