Saturday, January 27, 2007

Red Hot Love

Red Hot Love
Oil painting WIP
Illustration Friday's theme this week is Red.
I had completed this painting some months ago and it was symbolic of a passionate Love.
The red rose is used to represent love and this one is on fire for someone!

I began with this photo of a rose once given to me. I played with it in Photoshop and came up with the three images here. I will be working from the last image.
I am using a 20x20 inch deep stretched canvas which i will paint dark sides on later and hang as an unframed piece. I think this subject suits that type of presentation.
I would like to do something with the abstract digital image later but for now I will take the one with the dramatic light and paint an oil from it. I am undecided about colours etc. I am going to just let this one evolve by itself. I do not usually do this. I plan everything but today I am just going with the flow as best as I can.

Working in Burnt Umber I started the rose painting by roughly placing the rose as I was working a slightly different shape to my reference. I threw a towel over the back of the canvas to stop light from entering from the back as the easel was facing the window.

Using Liquin as a medium so I could speed up drying I soon discovered that was a mistake.
I began to slip around in this horrible medium and so added a bit of turps to gain some control. Of course, I had to wait a little after rubbing some turps into the block in.
I attempted this painting on a rather emotional day and so it took a bit to bring the drawing together. I was forcing myself to have some fun painting and it showed early in the piece, evolving at a very slow pace, but nerveless it would eventually happen
I began focusing more and finally seeing the important forms of the rose. I let myself off the hook with this painting, as it was not supposed to be an exact replica but an impression and was attracted to the drama in the lighting more than anything. This neither will nor have its full impact until the end but for now we can begin to see what is going to take place.

Time to get those punchy darks in. I had used the Umber as long as possible and the medium was not going to allow me to push it any further so I added a little stand oil and turps to the existing medium. Taking in consideration that this is all done in one sitting and nothing had begun to dry the medium should be sound.
The darks were added with Alizarin crimson and viridian. I worked it through and used a soft fan brush to get rid of those annoying transparent strokes from the medium problem. The stand oil helped a lot, however it is nearly time to let some drying help the artist I think.

Now it is time for colour.

It was difficult to get a correct colour with the night photo. the rose is now Cadmium red in colour.

Sorry for the shine on the photo – unavoidable at night and I want to proceed further.
I added Cadmium orange and Cadmium scarlet to my pallet. I worked with the viridian and Alizarine and painted to this stage. It is missing much of it’s light areas now as I avoided adding any light colours at this stage. It is difficult to preserve hue in red paintings and so I painted right up until the last minute before turning to the lighter areas.
All through the painting I keep reworking the dark areas as they need deepening and the paint allows me to add more. The painting is very wet and I have to quite be timid with my application in some areas as it tries to lift off the canvas.
This part of the painting is great as I can now get going on the shapes more. With the main drawing out of the way I can feel my way around the canvas, pushing and pulling the shapes around until the overall composition pleases me. I am not there yet but can see a start now.
Onto the lights first though
25th June
I worked on the lights changing my mind over the pinks.
I desided to keep the painting as warm as psssible and so my lights where created with Cadmium yellow and Cadmium Orange.
A slightest touch of blue in there too.
I worked the background shapes until I settled on what I felt worked.
Leaving the painting to dry now befoe I add a glaze over the background.
I need to knock back the area below the rose and keep the interest in the higher part of the painting.
It has a slightly sureal look. I quite like how it is coming up so far.


Sherry Rogers said...

What a beautiful painting! It is truly wonderful. Thank you for sharing your process I loved every minute of reading it!

AscenderRisesAbove said...

very pretty; enjoyed the peek inside your process and your studio

Teri C said...

Gorgeous painting! I love seeing the process steps-it's very inspiring and great learning process for me.

AndyDoodler said...

Yes - beautiful! & thanks for sharing it and the process!

md said...

spectacular colors and painting

Kathleen Rietz said...

I enjoyed the demo. It is always nice to watch the process of art evolving into a masterpiece! : ) I think I will do the same thing with my next piece of art, and post it on my blog.

Beautiful Love!


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