Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Life is never boring - struck gold again today.

Last night I was searching for a particular book a friend had been chasing for some time and found it in America on Ebay.Are you surprised? Ebay is the first place I look for books. I just Goggled the book title and typed Ebay next to it.
To cut a long story short I came across a delightful seller that had a great collection of very affordable and interesting Christian books. As I was corresponding with this man the alias (Happy Jack) as he is known on Ebay; I noticed he had a link to his testimonial on the base of his email.
I love to read testimonials and positive life stories and so I clicked on the link.I am glad I did. His testimonial is a great read. Very down to earth, straight to the point, honest example of how God can transform our hearts, regain control and restore to us a much happier lifestyle full of promise even at a time when we feel life is really spinning out of control.
Each time I read or hear someone’s tale of success through the Grace of God it fills me with more optimism and excitement than you can imagine.
I have had my own truly amazing experiences with God that are both unbelievable but true, so I know miracles of love and grace are possible and believable. It makes me sad for the people who have not experienced this as yet. I also wonder how many people are hiding their stories because others who have yet to experience God’s amazing grace and faithful promises would scoff at these fantastic and unbelievable events. To know this very special reality is an incredible buzz. I wish I bottle it and share with everyone on earth.
Like my Ebay friend Happy Jack, I have been through my own living hell in my life and have come through it sunny side up through nothing but the grace of God and my trusting enough to reach out by accepting Jesus Christ as the son of god and the only way to get close to God. My story is different but I would love to show the world how a really tormented life can be turned around and quickly.
The simple act of repenting our sins, asking for God’s grace and forgiveness and choosing to forgive others through our Lord Jesus Christ can totally shift your world into gear and bring with it more joy than can be imagined. No brain washing, no hogwash, it is real and available to all who give it a try.
Do you have an amazing story hiding away serving no one or could be put to greater use?
If anyone has a testimonial that is lying idle waiting to do some good, please, please email me, as I would love to put together a collection together. I would love to have the opportunity to breath hope into other people’s lives.
If you have wanted to witness for God but find it too difficult I would like to have an opportunity to be a vehicle for this opportunity to spread hope to people who really need hope.
I was one of those people and now I want everyone to escape the sadness and frustration of helplessness.
If you prefer to remain anonymous that is ok as my intention is to share the possibilities of God and we don’t need names and addresses to do that.All I ask is for honest testimonials.
While I was writing this Happy Jack emailed me with a little surprise and kindly offered me a free gift. I thanked him and thought to myself: This is what it is like playing with spirit filled people and I just love it!
They say like attracts like and I have to admit I have seen this over and over. Who you become will attract whom you draw along side of you. So next time you are thinking I wish there where more nice people around me, think about how much nicer you could be today. Just by asking for forgiveness and forgiving others you already become a better person and if you ask Jesus into your heart and are then filled with the Holy Spirit then boy oh boy the world is your oyster! Prepare yourself for many good things!
God Bless you all.
Happy Jack's Testimonial

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