Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Key to a Vibrant Life - Appreciation

I read a very interesting book a while back called
The Power of Appreciation: The Key to a Vibrant Life by: Noelle C. Nelson,
It was incredible to see the way the brain reacts to positive and negative emotion.
Everyone would enjoy this book and anyone who suffers with anger or depression should read it!
This is not a spiritual book; it is purely scientific with proven experiments shown.
The brain engages with positive emotion like feeling appreciative and shuts down with negative emotion. It was suggesting that if we walk around depressed and miserable we learn far less and are clumsier due to our brain being too inactive consequently retarding our mental growth.
The reverse is true of positive emotional state, this allowing our brains to engage and learn and develop. So next time you are telling yourself anything negative, think about what harm it is doing to your mental and physical growth.
I would recommend all read this book as it also has photographs of this experiment and another where the power of words are demonstrated to actually change the composition of water into totally different appearances and visually appropriate to the emotion of the wording involved.
I was prompted to write this after a descusion on www.australiannartforum.com about parts of the brain and artist ability.

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