Sunday, January 14, 2007

Is ego an important part of success?

Is it an important part of being a successful artist or anything for that matter?
What is ego?

My interpretation of the word would be simply an interest in self.
This interest can begin at concern for one self and extend to overindulgent self-esteem.
I think we all need to feel purposeful, needed and appreciated and that need creates an ego. I believe it is important to stay humble in our achievements. We are free to acknowledge them but we share ownership. I know my gifts are God given and so I cannot take all the credit. Where the ego crosses over to the unhealthy or obnoxious is when one thinks they are extra special and more important than the next person. We are all equal and we all learn differently. Our lives, experiences and opportunities are different. We adopt different skills and we each learn at a different pace. Depending on our intended purpose we can speed up or slow down our success. We need to be on the correct path.
Apart from prayer one of the most advantageous practices we can adopt in life, is to stop long enough to take the time to think about what we do well, what inspires and excites us and what our actual motives for our activities are.

How are we allocating our time, our life’s moments and what is a truly valuable achievement? What is artificially concealed as accomplishments? We need to ask ourselves what is valuable activity and how best to use our time.
Did you spend hours cleaning the back closet out when you had an ill friend that could have used a little help today?

Did you spend time on one project today that would have been better spent on something that would produce a more purposeful outcome?
Did you tell your kids today that they played so well and you appreciated them for that instead of grabbing that extra cup of coffee?
It is all pretty simple really; all we need to do is slow down enough to see better “moment choices”. Spend wisely as moments come and go.
Achievement materialises differently and more effectively when we process our day more thoughtfully. The value of our life and work increases with thoughtfulness and we can be energized and be much more fulfilled.

The ego is rewarded as we fill the need to be useful, purposeful an appreciated.
The ego knows the difference between valuable and futile achievement. The thirst of ego or self-worth is quenched by valuable activity and left dehydrated with trivial pursuit.
We really should also assess what motives are behind what we do.
If our motives are egocentric rather than purposeful, then we need to look at better ways to pursue these skills. When our motives are driven by love or good intention, we can be sure that they are purposeful and not a waste of time. We can also be confident that God is prompting us. He is behind us, backing our goals and with this powerful backing we are more than likely to succeed.
I want to use my time well and so these days I do take time to analyse how best to use any given moment and I look for ways to help out others when I can.
If you want to succeed at your chosen field then please take the time to ask yourself how you can use what you do purposefully.

Today take the time to sit quietly for a while and think about what you love to do and whom you love. Think about what makes you feel good and how you can best use your skills and time. While you are meditating on these things think about what you trying to do what is resisting your attempt for success and work out why. Is it your motives or are these activities unnecessary or a waste of time? Your achievements may lay elsewhere.

I now always ask God to show me what direction is best. This definitely works for me every time without fail. I am not kidding! Why not try asking God to help you decide how to use your skills and if there is any way you can help others while you are helping yourself.
Our days are made up of moments, make these moments special and your days will be more enjoyable than you can imagine. There will be no room for the overactive ego, nor doubt or lack of confidence as you will be too busy looking for ways to make your day brighter. 

Life is short but valuable moments last forever!
Put on your sunglasses, as you day can only get brighter.
God Bless

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