Monday, January 01, 2007

Ilustration Friday - Phoenix

"Woman Phoenix"
Sketch & Digital

The theme this week for Illustration Friday was Phoenix.
I was going to do the desert, and then I had a satirical image of a little girl about to play make believe with a box of matches and her pet budgie (careful what you believe in ha).
Then I rethought the idea again.
Being a somewhat serious bunny, I came up with this.
I took the myth of a phoenix (a vein bird that kept setting itself on fire in the attempt to resurrect itself). It seems to me that this little stunt was not working too well for the bird because it had to do this over and over.
I thought about a women’s struggle for acceptance and how looks can be a consuming occupation for some or most.
Women try so hard to be accepted through their exterior appearance and in vain attempts to be perfect they turn on them selves with negative thoughts and self-loathing.
My illustration shows a woman in flames. Burning her self up with self-loathing and trying to reinvent her appearance so she can be a beautiful bird. She is trying to be something she can never be. It is out of her reach but she keeps pursuing this unattainable dream. I chose the peacock because it is a stunning bird and symbolically represents wholeness, authority of self, and the expression of one’s own beauty
In the background is what appears to be a man made object, like a jail. This is representational of our own self-limiting thoughts and views of one self.
The hearts represent love and they are in the distance as they are illusive and she thinks they are dependant on the woman becoming this beautiful bird.
I see how young girls struggle with this more than my generation and it breaks my heart that they are not focusing on being beautiful inside instead of being so obsessive about their looks and weight. Yes we should take pride in our appearance but when does it become unhealthy.
As woman in a sex motivated media world I have struggled with this myself. I have had so much more peace with it since my life with Christ. Thank goodness. He made me a peacock inside.
I think I will do a variation of this one on canvas also.


Brandi said...

Beautiful! I would LOVE to see this done with traditional medium! Your statement is sad but true in relation to the world today. So many people want and dream and strive to be who they are not instead of embracing (sp?) who they are.

dizzyjadey said...

Very beautiful, Kayleen! I like your interpretation of the theme.

michael dailey said...

nice use of imagery and colors

Michelle Lana said...

great work!

hart said...

Wow, that's awesome!! :D

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