Monday, January 22, 2007

Forced to be a Super Hero

"The hero through pain"
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This week’s theme for Illustration Friday is Super Hero. I am not that happy with the illustration technically but it tells a story I guess.

Few of us escape trauma in our lives and through these times we have to cope with our pain and anger. How do we deal with it at that time? If we are tempted to lash out the result is simply relocating your pain onto others often multiplying in the process. We are forced into a position where we have to be over and above what we feel. We have to be bigger than our hurt, bigger than the person who has hurt us and bigger than our thoughts. We truly have to act like a hero. We fight for truth and survival while being under attack from pain and sometimes unhuman reactions. I always turn to the real hero who always brings me through these times.
As a reborn Christian I have discovered the power of prayer. Prayer can bring healing faster than anything I have ever experienced before. Prayer is amazing! Pain and anger is extinguished and replaced with forgiveness and best of all peace. I simply ask for help.

When someone hurts you enough, we to want that person to know what he or she have done and we may even want to hurt them back to show them this hurt. Anger can be a vehicle to do just that. Pain can be so unbearable and difficult to see through. Impulsively I try to avoid hurting others at all costs regardless of my pain. 

My illustration shows my experience of pain and suffering and how I now deal with it. I ask God for help and Jesus to diffuse my resentment, reactions and to heal my heart replacing it with love. When he softens my heart enough I forgive the person who has hurt me and then pray for complete healing. This is a far quicker way to heal than carrying the hurt around trying to ignore it and trying not to be resentful.

The darkness in this illustration is the weight and helplessness we experience around us at the time. Through that darkness Jesus is watching and already pressing through to lift the pain. At the bottom I am buckled over with pain and clinging to my Lord for His  understanding and help. God is to the left above the hand hearing all my prayers and very much on call for these times.

Thankfully my God is a faithful God and answers my prayers. I kid you not!


Mike said...

I like the story and the meaning. Hero's of pain need to tread lightly-for their next actions may not be heroic, but vengeance. Great Illustration! Fantastic work!

Nicole said...

Very impressive painting!

Lori said...

I love your illustration and so inspired to see your choice of a super-hero. May God bless you richly!

Brine Blank said...

Very nice words and I like the's always good to have THE LIGHT at the end of a tunnel...and sometimes there sure seems to be an awful lot of tunnels lol...

md said...

just wanted to let u know what a great illo and comentary this is. its probably one my top 3 ive read on IF since i started. And i agreee prayer works miricles, anger and hurt can eat at u like a cancer. so it is always better to forgive like Jesus taught. again really enjoyed this

Kayleen West.- Stewart said...

I was dissapointed with this rushed illustration however I am so glad i posted it with my thoughts because the reward is the people you can touch in a positve way through our web sites.
Thank You all so much for your comments - it is the highlight of my day!

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