Sunday, January 07, 2007

Artists self portraits from age 16-41

I though it would be fun to share my self-portraits from over the years.
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The first was done when I was about 16
These three were done one after the other in one day.
It shows how progress is made even in one single day with perseverance.

These next seven drawings were completed one year after further practice with drawing - agian I drew one after the other over a couple of days.

These two pastel painitngs where done a couple of years later.

These three oil paintings were completed 10-15 years later.
The first irritates me the most as the arm is too high and spoils the whole painting, not that it is very flattering. i remember finishing it at 1am and very tired
(most likely the reason for the oversight!)

Then there was my digital work. i have others but are hidden somewhere on disc.
The last painting (pastel) was completed yesterday 6/01/07 eight years after the last 3 oil paintings. i dont do self portraits often. i find my features hard to paint and i move a great deal while painting and this makes it more difficult.

Last one I have done to date 2009
I think it is encouraging to see where an artist started and the progress that is possible for anyone who loves to learn to paint.
Happy Painting!


Bob Abrahams said...

It was not only your art that has improved over time

Bob Abrahams

Kayleen West.- Stewart said...

ha ha *blush* Thanks Bob.
I think i was quite allot harder on myself earlier too.
Even this portrait is not very happy looking.

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