Thursday, December 28, 2006

My perfect Christmas

We had Hail Christmas Day

Boy what a spin.
This last couple of weeks have been biggies for me.
I have had work that challenged my learning and as a result pushed me to new levels and I am grateful for this.
I also am over joyed at my Christmas. Almost every prayer answered. My relationship with my son who I adore is now restored after three long and painful years and I was able to celebrate Christmas with both my children.
I have seen many wonderful miracles in and around me of late and my Christmas was truly one to celebrate. By Christmas Eve I had already been blessed with an incredibly joyous Christmas and at one minute past midnight on Christmas Eve I wished my Lord Jesus a Happy Birthday with tears of gratitude. This Christmas has been 100 times happier than any previous and I really understand what Christmas is now.
I was not stressed, I did what I could I the time I had and conclude it was not about how shiny my house was it was about the celebration of Jesus and sharing this time with the ones you love.

I was presented with a lovely heartfelt, handmade gift from my teenage daughter. She mad me a prayer box, which she hand decorated and written over and drawn the cross on it several times and two hearts on each end with these words in them:
Prayer is the door to all God has.
Prayer and not worry will give us peace in the middle of chaos
Jesus taught us to keep prayer simple.
He taught us to pray like children
It also had photos of the two of us, and one of her as a little girl inside.
The Prayer box was so I could write on little paper love hearts she made and put them in for a blessing.
I think what prompted this was the result of the paper heart I had made earlier this month and wrote a prayer on it and hung it on our tree.
Of course this challenging prayer was not challenging for God and was answered and so I guess my daughter thought the prayer box would be something more permanent than the Christmas tree.
Something I could pop my prayers in for reinforcement.
My daughter is a bit reserved about the whole “Christianity thing” but had seen for herself the dramatic and positive result from her mum’s experience with inviting Jesus into her life.
As for my art, I haven’t painted in some weeks now but intend on calving out some time during the holidays while my daughter is away and producing something toward a couple of goals I have set for myself.
I am really looking forward to 2007. My world has changed dramatically this past year and is very different and wonderfully exciting. I have never looked forward to my days so much.
I do feel I can accomplish many things now and am just bursting with curiosity at what lay in the future. I now have the skills to progress with my web site business even more, doing shopping cart web sites etc and pan to spend more time with the ones I love.
I wish everyone a wonderful Christmas, Safe holiday season and a fantastic New Year.

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