Friday, November 24, 2006

Unauthorized access to my blog.

I have some privacy issues with the new blogger system.
I have recently switched over to the new blog system and although I like a lot of its features logging in is confusing. It will not save the log in either.

I manage but now a spammer has managed to access my blog and make a legitimate post in it. You expect the sneaky buggers to post in your comment box but how on earth are they getting access to my files like that???????
This never happened on the old system.
I feel my posts are in danger of corruption now
This was the spammer that infested my blog
Mrs.Tonia Alicia.
Promotions Manager Euro Millions

Do not ever support a spammer is only encourages this violation and if they are violating by spamming they are likely to be corupt in there business!
I posted a reguest in the forum but if anyone know what is happening here PLEASE HELP!

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