Saturday, November 18, 2006

Thanksgiving & Illustration Friday submission

I had to take the turkey's side in this one.
Digital Painitng
Apparently Thanksgiving originated in 1621 by the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag. It was to celebrate the colony's first successful harvest.and was a custom of giving thanks in the form of prayer. This is a well-known custom in America and is associated with a feast with family. The turkey is what comes to mind when thinking of this occasion.
Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ however this occasion is now more identified with Santa and material gifts than of the original reason we celebrate. We have swapped the devotion of prayer and worship with food and celebration.
I think Thanksgiving is a lovely custom regardless of the ceremony because appreciating what we have instead on focusing on what we do not can only be healthy and rewarding.
This week Illustration Friday has selected this theme. As I logged on this morning to see the new subject I was astounded to see dozens of submissions already. Obviously artists had these in their archives but it was good to browse over some today. This web site has gained so much momentum with hundreds of entries by the end of the week's submission.
I will be looking forward to this submission myself as I am very grateful for what is good in my life and the best element in my life is the life in me through my Lord and saviour and it will be a lovely theme to work on but I wish it was called illustration fortnight instead.
Have a great day everyone and enjoy the sunshine if you have some over you today.
Further thoughts on this: Provision on Thanksgiving


Digital Scott's illustrationblog said...

Your illustration is very nice, and I enjoyed reading what you had to say as well!

AG said...

nice illustration, love the soft look in this painting

Nancy Van Blaricom said...

I followed you over from another blog and I must say I'm thrilled I did ..... I've enjoyed reading and looking at your blog. I'll return frequently I'm sure.

Peggi Meyer Graminski said...

Great illo and I too loved reading what you wrote about Thanksgiving and Christmas ... most of us have been blessed in some way, it's just important to remember that and to be grateful =) Love your blog - I'll definitely visit more often ~ Peggi

Lorin Carnwath said...

Yes I see what your talking about! I had to make mine more of the vegetarians point of view. Although I love turkey sometimes it is good to have a different perspective.

I love your illo! Turkey is the most eaten food of Thanksgiving. And yes I agree with you it is a great holiday because there is no strings attached just good old fashion being with family or friends over turkey!

Thanks for you comments! Happy Thanksgiving!

Michelle Lana said...

Cool illo!

Ujwala said...

well, i'm glad someone is thinking from the turkeys point of view. very nice illo.

Brandi said...

This one is funny but then kind of sad. I love eating meat but darn it for that poor fat turkey!

PS - thanks so much for expanding on your comment from my blog - I didnt get it at first! I am flattered by your feedback as your work is SO awesome! Thanks again!

michael dailey said...

great lookin turkey maybe he can escape out back

Princess Pepper Cloud said...

You have a very beautiful and soft style. Have a great Thanksgiving week.

Rrramone said...

Great submission for the topic. I think the turkey will be Ok. Especially with a side of stuffing. ;-) Happy TG even though you are in Australia.

Brine Blank said...

Nice work and thoughts on here! I was a bit shocked by the amount of negative comments with regards to 'Thanksgiving, the ugly American holiday.' As with many of the topics on here there can be mutliple meanings and one can be thankful for many things that have nothing to do with the US...

Kayleen West.- Formally K.Stewart said...

Hi Brain,
There was no intention to be negative about the American holiday. Just a reality check to remind us of the value of such celebrations.
In Australia most do not celebrate thanksgiving and I think it is a shame but we do see mostly images of food and turkeys with little reference to prayer and giving thanks. So I guess my intention was to post a comment to clarify that this occasion is a great thing when appreciated for what it is.
I hope this clarifies things.
As for Christmas I think a lot of us have been guilty of getting sidetracked with the festivities rather than showing appreciation for God gift of his Son.
A reminder to appreciate is never a bad thing.

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