Friday, November 24, 2006

Keeping your blog audience with html

Every blogger wants to keep their audience and some do not realize how easy it is to loose a viewer by their links.
I have been slack so today I went through my blog today to make sure all the external links do not take my viewer away with no way to return easily.
When you add a link to your blogs go to the html option and add the following to each external link, target="_blank"
for example in the code a link will look like this:
(a href="
and you want it to read:
(a href=" " target="_blank")
Note: this code is enclosed in the following brackets <>
I did not put them in the example because blogger kept reading them as code instead of displaying them as normal text so replace ( and) with <> OK?
For blogger users: next time you are in blogger swap from compose to html and take a look at your link codes. This is very easy to do.
When you change this coding and a reader clicks a link, instead of them going to another site and your site is closed down when they click the close X, your site will still be showing so they can go back to where they left off.
If you are not used to coding (html) don’t worry. If you change this part of the code it wont mess anything else up.
Happy blogging!

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Brandi said...

Great tip Kayleen! I will have to check and see if my page is set up like this!

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