Tuesday, November 14, 2006

How to get more work done in 2007

I have been thinking about next year's painting challenge and have decided to set up levels for myself starting below the amount of paintings I think I would accomplish up to well beyond. Anyone is free to adopt this approach if they like and I would love you to post comments here and keep in touch so I can share the experience with you.
I think a range of challenge levels will help me push a little harder.
My paintings will include all mediums and as long as it is finished and a creative piece.
I will use this to push me to spend more time creating, however I am not going to knock up work just for the sake of numbers as I have seen that happen to others.
I want this process to produce better, more creative pieces not quantity.

Creative level 1: 12 for the year (one painting per month)
Creative level 2: 52 for the year (one painting per week)
Creative level 3: 100 for the year (approx paintings two per week)
Creative level 4: 250 for the year (approx five paintings per week)
Creative level 5: 365 for the year (a painting per day)
Creative level 6: Over 365 for the year (Major painting challenge!)
Creative level 7: Over 400 for the year (Wow that incredible painting challenge!)
I am only half way through the September to December challenge (30 paintings by Christmas)
However this has encouraged more painting time and progression. Without it I wouldn’t have been anywhere near at the stage I am with my work.
I know this year is not over yet, but I am looking forward to next year being a more fulfilling, happier and more creative beginning. I am excited about my paintings and ideas right now and just have to have the focus to pursue all that has been gifted me.
Feel free to join me and use the comment section below this post to check in and let me know how you are going with your painting challenge levels.


Bob Abrahams said...

Very interesting.
To me, it is not a numbers game or a production mentality. Nor is it necessarily a painting to just sell, although that is a part of my own strategy. It is both a learning process and a way of life for me. Every painting is an opportunity to learn providing I do not continue blindly making the same errors. So that more paintings potentially means more learning and experience. Finally the process of actually painting/creating is like a meditation for me and has become a very necessarty part of my life
Cheers Bob

Brandi said...

I really enjoy having golas like this - will have to consider setting one myself!

Thanks also for the comment on my blog although I am not sure if I know exactly what it meant but I am glad you stopped by as I had been meaning to check in and see what you have been up to but school has kept me crazy busy. Anyway, I plan to add you to my list of friends so I can more easily get back to your blog!

Connie said...

I'm "tagging" you--with apologies if it is unwelcome. If you are interested in participating, see instructions on my blog: http://conniesartattack.blogspot.com/2007/02/six-weird-things.html
This activity will NOT help you get more work done in 2007.

bee said...

hi, the link to your website is not working.BTW beautiful painting.how can I buy some of your work to hang in my gallery.thanks

Kayleen West. said...

Hi Bee
I have been working on my blog this morning so it was most likely playing up. i have finished now.
My contact details are the bottom of this blog page if you would like to contact me.
Thank you for your interest in my work

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