Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Change of Name. Stewart to West

I am the cross roads of my life and starting fresh on many levels. I have decided to revert back to my maiden name. (West).
My late husband passed away in 2002 and it has taken all this time to move through my loss.
I am starting a new and wonderfully blessed journey now and want to resume my family name.
I loved my husband dearly but he is gone now and my parents are still with me and I love him dearly.

Apparently I can assume my maiden name when I wish and so I will be now signing my paintings Kayleen West. I am also writing a special book and if it goes to print it will also bear that name. Just thought I would let you all know.

Updated 14/11/2011: I have remarried but assume my maiden name for my art writing and illustration.

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