Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Fighting the enemy- Procrastination

You know some days I wake up with all cylinders firing. My head bursting with creative ideas and enthusiasm and some days like today my head is a fog.
I want to paint and feel that buzz but not sure what to paint, what inspires me enough to create something worthwhile.
I know what I am feeling is hesitation because I am uncertain what is going to ignite me today. Flat days are like that. You have to shift the focus off your troubles and concentrate on your art. This is not easy but quite therapeutic once you get that ball rolling.
As my artist’s inspirations are many and I love to experiment I don’t think I will ever develop a single direction with what I do. Monotony in any area of my life drain and depletes me internally and so I am always looking for new ways / creative ways to make life and my art more interesting for myself and for everyone else involved.
I am blessed with most artists dream of – a full week with nothing to do but “anything I want” With this rare time up my sleave I find myself blocked – irritated at my procrastination.
I guess I just need to start something and worry about the value of what I am doing once I get going. Like many I also become blocked with too much choice.
I can and do focus strategically once my creative process hooks into something intriguing. That is not hard to find as you paint because there always seems to be something within every painting that lights a spark in our imagination and we start wondering where we can develop an element discovered.
Ok that’s it I am off to JUST DO IT!
I’ll let you know what I end up with. Anything will be better than nothing (or doing housework!)


praman said...

Across the world, people want freedom (of leasure time), and the irony is once they get the freedom, don't know what to do with it.

Back here in Nepal, We spent many days walking from A to destination B in order to get done task C. Life is simple in these remote mountains- walk up hill, downhill, cross river find place to eat inbetween and at the end of day find a shelter! Back in town every minute counts- phone rings, many scheduled meetings business, official etc and so on. And all of the sudden when one have some free time (this time I have 3months of free time- I have spent 1 in trekking in mountains and 12 days in meditaiton) and just wondering what to do with remianing 3 weeks as I also getting closer to crisis level of bank balance. So finding a job before end of this period is my priority now.. and I now once I find the job then I start to long for the "free time" in which I can do anything I wanted to do and this cycle repeats again and again with millions of people throughout the world I guess..

Kayleen Stewart said...

Thank you for such a thoughtful comment Praman.
As it so happens I have used every waking hour and some of my sleeping hours to paint up a storm. I have not stopped since I wrote this post.
My motivation is high and my time well used and enjoyed.

I guess the luckiest people have to beware the choices they have are many and so can be inhibiting. The trick is to just make a decision and go from there.

I have always found concentrated painting time to be highly advantages to my progress as opposed to spurts of effort and this has been the wonderful reward for making the decision the other day to "just do something - anything!"

Loretta said...

Freedom is what we all desire, to wake up and do whatever our hearts desire. I think its awesome to be creative, inspiring and unique in every aspect.

Our world wants us to be inside a box and never escape. I admire people who are artist because they make all of their imaginations real and their engergy is often felt through every emotion.

I enjoyed your thoughts, thank you.

Ujwala said...

procrastination is a constant companion for me. led me to do a lot of reading and surfing to find out why. i am now unemployed out of choice and yet find that i'm not painting as much as I would like to and no one is stopping me :( I now need to find ways to reduce the time spent on the net as i'm on the computer soon after I wake up and still there when i go to sleep. It as though I sneak time in between for my art! sorry for the rant. It makes me believe that I will now spend more time on drawing and painting.

Kayleen Stewart said...

That is wonderful to hear that you will now spend more time painting Ujwalla.
Computers are great but can take all your time away. I recently saw a program on PC addiction. You can actually become addicted to these things. life is about balance.

It is also important to get enough sunlight each week to get Vitamin D which fights off depression. The sunlight makes you feel better and more productive.

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