Wednesday, September 13, 2006



I thought I would share my basic watercolour pallet here so anyone wanting to dabble in the art of frustration (watercolours) may have some idea what colours to look at.

My Pallet.
Lemon yellow
Aureolin - great for washes and glazes
Cadmium or spectrum yellow
Cadmium red
Rose madder
Alizarin - only when rose madder cannot be used.
Raw Sienna (W&N is better than say A/S - more transparent and slightly different in colour)
Sap green
Pthalo blue
Cobalt blue -pricey! (Or spectrum blue - cheaper)
French Ultramarine blue
Burnt sienna
Raw umber

I use raw Sienna instead of "muddy" yellow ochre!
Another colour I have taken a liking to is the Art Spectrum Australian red gold.
It is a lovely strong transparent golden orange-red.
You can see quite a bit of it in my watercolour I posted the other day on the sketching thread (girl with cat)
I use both Art Spectrum and Winsor and Newton watercolours.
A watercolour pallet is somewhat more extensive and expensive compared to oil or acrylic.
If you own similar colours in acrylic paint and are just learning I suggest you try using them like watercolour first but please use watercolour paper. If you use good paper you can get a feel for how the paint reacts on it. There are differences but it is a start if you are really struggling to pay out for more paint.
This approach is very similar and can help you be a bit more adventurous know you are not blowing big dollars on these little tubes that get used up so quickly.

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