Saturday, September 30, 2006

Using wasted waiting time well.

Sketching on the train - Lilydale to Geelong and back.
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I own a few (not as many as I should) bound sketchbooks.
At one stage I was in the practice of carrying one with me to most places and sketching when I could, recording what I saw.
I was introduced to this idea years ago and found it a delightful way to journal times and events in my life in a creative way.
As we take in allot of the atmosphere and details of things when we draw.
I found these memories quite vivid when revisiting the drawings.

This week I took a trip form Lilydale to Geelong with my daughter.
We went to visit my most favourite friend and were delayed at Southern Cross station yesterday for 2 hours (the rail worker misinformed me of the correct platform Ahh!) however I went armed with my sketchbook – thankfully!
The end result was 14 pages of sketches and a lovely way to kill the time travelling and waiting for transport.

I even felt motivated and brave enough to ask a lady who was breast-feeding her baby if she wouldn’t mind me sketching her feeding.
To my delight she was more than ok with it. Fantastic! I am emailing a copy to her for her for being so accommodating.
I sketched every moving target placed in front of me, my daughter several times and anyone absorbed in a book or staring out the window. Boy is it difficult to draw on a moving train though. It is hard enough with your models moving about.
By the time I got to my friend’s house I was in painting mode and couldn’t help notice all the painting subjects as we drove around.

We drove to friend of my friend's home and she had new baby foals.
I was cursing when my batteries packed it in on my camera. She has since sent me some photos but I intend going back for a painting day or two soon.
I enjoyed drawing so much I have promised myself to do a little more nowadays
The drawings are in order that I did them. Some quite successful and some not, but all worth doing.

Click on images for slightly larger version!
This is my daughter who wasnt feeling too good at the time.

People on the train and a quick sketch out the window at richmond Station.

While we waited for the train on the wrong platform I sketched a group of teenage boys and other travellers at Southern Cross station. I ducked out the front too to take some photos of the passing trams but was very conscious of taking photos in a Melbourne station.
Speaking of terrorism as I approached the escalators I got a bit of a fright as I saw a bag sitting at the top on its own where the stairs came to an end.
I immediately thought of a bomb and as I had that thought a maintenance man came up the escalator and popped his key in the controls. Phew - the bag had an owner and not a terrorist. I live to sketch another day!

My daughter was glad to finally get on the last train as you can see.
I tried to emphasize the distorted perspective but I don’t think it worked that entirely well.

This was the lovely lady that let me sketch her feeding her baby. I had difficulty drawing her head as she moved a great deal.

I managed this just before she finished feeding her baby.

I Now this gentleman was fum to draw. he sat relitively still and i love to draw people with hats.

I got this one in at my friend's house between catching up.

The most challenging was doing these rather active children, but how could I resist that cute face and curly hair?

And one with teddy of course!

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