Monday, September 04, 2006

Rules for successful painting.

I haven't posted in a while and I thought I would put up a response to a question asked recently.


Do you have rules in relation to your art that you set yourself and do they help?

My Response:

1. Be discouraged by nothing and encouraged by everything.
2. Never paint when I am not too tired.
3. Thumbnails /preliminary work/ brainstorming is essential for BETTER results.
4. Stick to chemical laws and break every other one once you know them and have tried them.
5. Share what you know and help others to succeed and enjoy it too.
6. Be ruthless in your selection before displaying your work.
7. Never knock back a critique or suggestion
8. Experiment whenever you can and watch you never get stale.
9. Remember to break from your work to keep a fresh eye.
10. Make sure your work always stimulates and excites you.
There are many more and ones I should make for myself but this is my general favorites.

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