Tuesday, July 11, 2006

WIP-Updated - wrong one posted

Click on painting for larger image
Oil on stretched canvas.

I feel like a dill. I posted the wrong image.
This is the last stage so far and the one I was refering to.
I had multiple working files and posted the wrong one.
So far the response has been that is is not too tall.

Thanks everyone that is all helpful feed back and needed.
It is only one person who thought he was too tall and I doubted it so best to ask around. No one has felt this in three forums and on my blog.
I thought it was something I just could not see.
I will take the proportions (as pointed out, arm etc) of him and be aware as I paint him.
He was just blocked in and a bit of work on his face.
The piece was supposed to be looser than it has turned out but I got involved in it - you know how it goes. Oh noone has mentioned the angles of the front wall but I am aware of it running downhill and will fix that. If you can see ANYTHING at all - let me know thankx!
The reference is of a Pancake parlour in a shopping centre/complex/Mall. Boy was it hard to get permission for photos - not from the Parlour from the centre/Mall.

I can get on with soon now thanks again. Any other comments welcome!

14.07.06 Comment response from Kayleen:

Thanks Ester,
Don’t get me wrong I do enjoy the process, but part of the enjoyment is impovement. I tell my students (and other artist) the same as we forget sometimes why we picked up brushes in the first place – enjoyment!
I think you are right about the cropping too. I played with it in a photo program and cropping does improve it as a painting. It will be hard to let go of that statue but it is the painting I want to be a success. I will just have to paint her later hey?


HARDWAX said...

The golden statue on the left shouldn't be their at all,-takes away the focus from the star of this painting-the young man outside the parlor. The painting should be cut in size starting from the bottom to nearly the frame of the parlor window, only the upper part of the young mans body would then be part of the painting as well.

Beautiful work, but becomes less interesting because of too much 0f a good thing-it's lost it's point of view, what could be a dynamic and fascinating painting is lost because of too much useless information. .

Ester said...

I love all the beautiful highlight colors your have put into that statue. It's very interesting to see what you see in that way.

As a small suggestion, I would tell you to have more enjoyment in the process of painting, rather than worrying too much if you have made it "right" or not. That's what a photograph can do for you, but what I find more interesting as the viewer is the way I can see the world through your eyes for this one piece. I know you are a teacher, and you're probably very involved in the critique of your work, but I say, do it out of your enjoyment and maybe the end result is not the point, maybe the point is to enjoy the journey of painting.

Cez said...

What a beautiful work!!!! Love it...I,va find your blog on Gabrielle's blog!!!

uvor said...

I really love this one, it tells an interpretable story, and tecnically it strikes me down, incredible good!

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