Saturday, July 15, 2006

Self portrait - illo / design

I am loving digi and design and I wanted to try a bit of graphic illustration in a certain style but with my own touch to it.
I decided to do a self-portrait. I still haven’t posted all the self-portraits I was going to in my blog. I thought it was a good idea since I have kept them from the age of 16 to now (41)
I don’t do them often but it is good to do now and then.
I started with a useless photo (badly lit). With what I can do with images now I hate throwing away any image. Good, bad or otherwise they seem to have a use in digi. Blurred shots make good backgrounds sometimes; parts of photos can be cropped, manipulated and reused etc.

This portrait is meant to show my bubbly self and the never-ending ticking of my creatively addictive mind
All images on this web site are copyright owned by the artist.
Please do not steal my work


The Dark Lord Omz said...

I really like it. And I promise not to hurl. Haha.

Great self-portrait!

Kayleen Stewart said...

LOL - private joke everyone
Funny man :)

Rrramone said...

Really like your paintings! :-)

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